Tip Exchange

Mustard on Carpets


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Mayonnaise on Cotton


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Coffee on Wool


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Tomato Sauce on Carpets


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Baby Food (Meat) on Silk


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Cooking Oil on Silk



Grass on Other


I recently wore a brand new pair of light coloured patent leather shoes to the Races and was devastated to find them badly stained with grass and mud when I got home. I searched on the web and the only tip I could find suggested using washing up liquid. Needless to say this didn't work so I added some vanish to the mix and gently rubbed. Hey presto, my shoes looked like new so Vanish has saved me spending a lot of money on a new pair!

Body Soil on Other


Got a body brush in your shower that's gone black? Dissolve 2 scoops of vanish in a bowl (bowl just large enough to submerge the brush head) of hot water. Soak the brush for a couple of hours, then scrub the base of the bristles with an old toothbrush. Rinse well. I then finished and sterilised the brush by putting in in the dishwasher on a full wash. (I wash family toothbrushes, toothbrush holder, other bathroom accessories in a full dishwasher cycle once a month to keep them fresh and sterilise them. Your body brush will look like new!!

Tomato Sauce on Cotton


Anyone will tell you that most baby food it orange, and it stains... very easily. When I went on holiday last week I thought to pack a vanish bar in the nappy bag for treating stains whilst we were out, that way they'd be treated as soon as possible and more likely to come out. I just nip in to the nearest public toilet to do it. Baby clothes saved! I have one in my nappy bag wherever I go now!

Coffee on Denim


Spilled a cup of coffee over my white jeans whilst out. By the time I got home the coffee had dried. I put them in a bucket with a scoop of vanish gold for about 30 mins then washed them in the machine. The results ate perfect.

Mud and soil on Other


moving house is no easy task especially when you notice that your carpets really could do with a good clean. with one day before i was set to hand the keys back on my rented property and an empty house i decided to rent a carpet cleaner. after almost falling off my chair at the cost of rental and then detergent on top i was told there were none available. i proceed to ring around other companies but again was told there were none available. was everyone in liverpool cleaning their carpets at the same time???? anyway i ran to my local supermarket in the hope i would find something that might help. then i spotted it VANISH POWER POWDER! the reassuring flash of pink, i thought this has to work. i purchased my VANISH POWER POWDER a snip at only £7 compared to the silly prices of the big heavy cleaning machine and rushed home to get to work. upon reading the instructions i was dubious when it said it works in 20 mins, these after all were some quite heavy stains (one 30th birthday party/BBQ when it rained and a few puppy toilet training mishaps) but i set to it none the less, shaking the VANISH POWER POWDER with its handy resealable built in dispenser into roughly a 1 meter square before brushing it to the carpet with a soft bristle brush. no need to add water either which saves time and effort. i repeated the process until my whole dinning room carpet had been covered and brushed, about 3 sq meters, and waited the recommended 20 mins still not sure as to if this would actually work. After exactly 20 mins i started to vacuum the first section i treated and was amazed with the results. as i vacuumed more and more of the carpet it was almost as if i had put down a new one. There was a small section right by the patio door which saw heavy traffic that was still slightly visible, but still a thousand times better than it had been. i was so pleased with the results and it smelt great. whats more i could walk on it straight away and not have to wait for it to dry. what i thought was going to be a boring, heavy and time consuming task turned out to be quick, easy and dare i say an enjoyable little job which left me the rest of the day to get cracking on the new house. whats more when the inventory came back the box LIKE NEW was ticked about my carpet. saved me a small fortune. i love this product so much i will continue to use it for when my carpets need a quick freshen up, and would advise anyone, everyone with a carpet to give it a go.